I looked at theBundesliga table this morning and noticed that Hamburg have drawn most of their matches this season. They are doing quite well in Bundesliga, sitting in 6th place, three points away from securing another Europa League spot. They have drawn 12 games this season which is more than anyone in their league. It is in fact one game more than they have won!

What do we make of this? This could mean two things. It is very possible that their draws often come from throwing leads away. If this is true then we can definitely get a result in Hamburg. On the other hand, it could mean that they have excellent spirit and will fightback from anything. That is something that Fulham will have to bear in mind, especially at home.

I think we will be fine. Hamburg only have two points more than Wolfsburg and if we get a result in Hamburg then we can definitely win at home. Even if we do lose in Hamburg let’s just cast our minds back to Juventus!