That’s the chant that echoed around our little stadium tonight. I’m actually speechless. My reaction to both goals must have been ‘You’ve been Framed’ material. I was practically in tears after Gera’s winner. What an absolutly amazing night for the whole, big Fulham family. I’ve never been more proud of the team who I  support, even more so than when Danny Murphy scored at Portsmouth 2 years ago. What a distance we have come since then!

I’m not sure I am right, but was the Day Of  Destiny back then on the 11th May? Well it was definitely around at that time. Well the final is on the 12th May at the home of Hamburg and what a night that will be!

Liverpool are currently playing extra time at Anfield. It is 2-2 on aggregate so Atletico Madrid would go through on away goals.  I’ll update when this game ends.