Just in case anybody was in any doubt as Fulham’s priorities for the remainder of the season, Roy Hodgson’s reiterated that his focus is now primarily on the Europa League semi-final against Hamburg.

The Wolfsburg game was our 54th of the season, so for any team that’s a big ask and for a team like ours, who haven’t had experience of European football, it’s been very demanding on a small group of players.

League survival was our priority. Now we have 41 points we’ve had a good season in the league and I honestly don’t believe we’ll be relegated now or reach the top places so the league must now take second place to the cup.

He’s pretty coy in reference to what sort of team will line up at Liverpool tomorrow.

We’ll have to look at the situation on Sunday. We had one or two players pick up knocks in the Wolfsburg game but luckily we are getting more and more players back.