Clint Dempsey’s given a fairly extensive post-match interview to the offal tonight. Great to see him back in action again.

We’re happy with the result tonight and the next leg’s back at home so we’re in a good position to get the job done next week. Personally, I felt good tonight. I felt sharp and I thought I made a difference tonight.

It was great to see our fans here tonight, especially with what’s been going on with the volcano and hopefully we can get the job done next week. They’ll be excited about the result because we are.

The pitch was really nice this evening and they had good support and that’s what it’s all about. You want to play in stadiums like this and that’s why we’re excited we’re in this competition. Hopefully the atmosphere will be great at the Cottage next week.

We have a good record at home and hopefully we can continue that. We are in with a good chance and if we can take advantage we can get all the way to the final.

We know what’s at stake and we know how we need to play. Our coaching staff do a great job of preparing us for all our games. We work hard and we really put in the work.

I’m not surprised with how well we’re doing. We’re a team that has confidence and hopefully we can get the job done. It would be great for Fulham and great for the players to reach the final. We’re so close to the final and we’ll be doing everything to make sure we’re there.