Our key front man faces a late fitness test tomorrow before arguebly the biggest match of our clubs History so far. He is still struggling slightly from the injury he annoyed last week in Hamburg. Hodgson says that dispite improving, Zamora missed training today. He did some work with the physios but they will not know until tomorrow lunch time whether he will be able to take part.

“Obviously we are concerned about the situation, because if he was fully fit, he would have been training for the last couple of days.”

Hodgson added: “When Bobby plays we know what we are doing, and when he does not play, we have people who come in and know what we are doing, so we can leave it late in that respect.

“He will have treatment again tomorrow, then go in front of our medical people, and I think by lunchtime I should know whether or not he has a chance of playing.

“It will be about their assessment, Bobby’s own assessment, how he feels, how he thinks it will go – because knowing him as well as I do, he will not want to let the team down.

“He wants to play, but he wants to play as a fit player rather than play and in any way hamper our chances of doing well.”