Jimmy’s been fighting again – this time with Nick(y) Barmby in a public park. Terrified pensioners shout ‘call the police’.

HULL stars Jimmy Bullard and Nick Barmby were involved in an explosive bust-up in front of astonished pensioners in a public park.

An onlooker said: “It was all quite nasty.

A number of old people, some being walked by nurses, thought yobs were fighting and one screamed: ‘Call the police’.”

Bullard, 31, and Barmby, 36, tore into each other 24 hours after Hull’s 5-1 thrashing at Everton which led to a dressing-room row between the midfielders.

And the bad feeling between them spilled over again the next day.

The onlooker added: “The lads were training on a local park when Barmby had a go at Bullard, calling him lazy.

“Bullard rolled up his sleeves and said ‘Let’s have it out then’.

“Barmby said ‘Don’t be so silly, grow up’.

But Bullard pushed him and it all kicked off before the other players split them.”

Of course there’s a bit of previous. Looked like a good shot too.