Just less than two weeks ago Fulham Fc were pulled out of the Europa League hat. Heart rates began to raise with both excitment and nervousness, and I’m just talking about the fans! This small event in the eyes of many, was a massive event for everybody invloved at Fulham Football Club. Some bigger clubs take this sort of event  as merely routine while other clubs see it as something that is just out of reach. And do you blame them? Did we ever expect this especially with the season that we had previously had? Going from near relegation to storming through the Europa League is outstanding, it simply can’t be said enough. When we first qualified for Europe, many wondered how far could we really expect to go? Second season fever was threatening to hit and many outside the Fulham family thought that Fulham would struggle this year. A friend of mine told me that Fulham would be in a relegation dogfight at the end of the season. At the end of the day I couldn’t bring myself to be offended by his claim. I definitely did not think that Fulham would go down but I struggled to see how Fulham could possibly balance their heavy fixture list with a tiny squad.

Realistically, did anyone think that we would get this far? I know I didn’t. I thought that we could perhaps get through the group stages but anything after that was a bonus. However, Roy Hodgson team decided that they were not going to take the doubters too seriously and produced some  awesome displays that regularly had the Cottage singing louder than ever. My view on Fulham’s chances in Europe began to become more optimistic as time went on because not only were we playing well in Europe, but our league form was excellent! Zamora’s wonder strike against Shakhtar had me completely turned and it was then that I believed that  this was to be a very special season in Fulham’s history. Now that we have knocked out both the holders and one of the favourites, our thoughts will turn to anticipating tomorrow night.

Hodgson has made no secret of what he is prioritising and, even though our league form may suffer slightly, if we progress any further in this competition, it will be well worth it. Wolfsburg are a good team but one that is rather like Fulham in that they sometimes punch above their weight. They have experienced a disappointing season when you consider last year. This will frustrate them so hopefully their frustration makes them careless.

Just ten days ago they were torn apart by bottom club Hertha Berlin at home. This shows us that they can be inconsistant and they seem to leak goals a lot. If Zamora is on form tomorrow night, which I have no doubt that he will be, he should enjoy his evening. History has already been written at the Cottage this season but why should the writer stop there? It’s time for everyone involved at Fulham to stand up and make their mark in Europe!