John Pantsil says Fulham’s progress under Roy Hodgson means they aren’t daunted by even the most illustrious of opponents.

We’re not afraid of anyone – whoever comes, we are ready. I’m not used to losing games. I just go for victory.

He [Hodgson] has done well. He has time for each and every [player]. He has changed the team, he has lifted the team to a certain level. His training makes us feel more relaxed and more comfortable with our positions on the pitch. He is experienced.

He knows how to coach his players to play European football.

Nice bit on the fans who love him so much.

The fans deserve everything I give them on the pitch, because they show appreciation. Whether it’s raining or not, they’re sitting, shouting, singing. So every game the team wins, I have to give them the lap of honour. They deserve it.