Not exactly the result we would have wanted tonight but never the less, we are still in the tie.

We have to accept that Juventus are a top side and we couldn’t really go and get a wonderful victory away from home. What was dissappointing was the manner in which the 3 goals where conceded two from set pieces and one very preventable shot from outside the box which eventually left our reliable keeper with no chance.

At 2-0 within 25 minutes I’ll admit that I was slightly worried but we managed to reply through a very scrappy and rather fortunate goal from a player who has had his critics lately. The ball in from Davies was poor however Etuhu managed to get a shot away that looked to be going well wide until it hit a defender and barely rolled into the net. There was jubilation in my living room at that because, 2-1 away from home was a very healthy scoreline!

I don’t really want to talk much about the 3rd goal. It was a bit of a disaster in the box and the less said about it, the better. The second half was much better from Fulham and we had a few chances to nick another away goal.

On a brighter note we have that all important away goal and we play much better at the Cottage.