Roy Hodgson has called on his Fulham players to battle through another injury crisis and continue their ‘fantastic’ season.

It’s going to be very important for us to get through this period now. It’s a tough spell with Juventus and the replay against Tottenham before things settle down into a more normal programme of playing once a week.

My major concern is that, after having done so well, if we go out of any of the competitions, that will impact upon us. It’s going to be very important that that doesn’t happen and we won’t allow our season, which has been quite fantastic, to slip away.

Our programme has been very, very hard and maybe I can’t expect the players to have the same sharpness a couple of months ago when we weren’t playing all of these games.

We’ve coped with it better than anyone could have expected us to cope with it given that in January we lost five players. I think we’ve done remarkably well to keep going as we have done.