The idea of a play-off for the last Champions’ League spot has divided opinion ever since news that the Premier League were considering the proposal leaked out the other week. It shouldn’t come as a galloping shock that the current ‘Big Four’ were against the concept, but with only a two-thirds majority needed to carry the proposal, it was a surprise to see the plan fall at today’s meeting.

The vote finished 11-9 in favour, leaving the scheme three votes short. In his piece from this afternoon, Owen Gibson names Fulham as one of the nine sides who voted against. This is interesting, if only because our recent higher league positions under Roy Hodgson, might place us as one of the clubs liking to benefit from the plan. The Times seem to think that Fulham and Birmingham voted against the play-offs because of ‘practicalities’, such as fixture congestion and the integrity of the league system.

Support for the fans’ idea of giving a Champions’ League spot to the winner of the FA Cup seems even thinner on the ground sadly.