Bobby Zamora has pledged not to provoked by any cynical defending tonight as Fulham try and overturn their first leg deficit against Juventus at Craven Cottage.

Italian defenders are definitely more hands on. I’m sure you watched the Chelsea-Inter game the other night. It is exactly that. The closest thing we have in England to playing against an Italian side is probably when you play against Ricardo Carvalho. He’s a very clever player, not overly strong or overly quick but he knows when to foul at the right times. I suppose they are very clever at it. A lot of their game is very tactical. It’s an art form in itself.

I’m sure that Juve will be doing exactly the same to us as what Inter did to Chelsea, trying to frustrate us and kill time and so on. But the gaffer has said that we’ve got to keep our heads, stay calm and get on to the referee if needed.