It’s clear that Bobby Zamora’s a doubt for Sunday. I doubt Roy Hodgson would have brought him off last night had he not been struggling and, furthermore, Achilles injuries aren’t the most easy things in the world to get over, least of all in two days.

In the event that Bobby doesn’t make the Sunderland game, David Elm would seem to be next in line. The Swede didn’t let anyone down in Donetsk and arguably added a bit more vibrancy to Fulham’s attack once he came on. Elm’s been a lot more impressive in his brief run in the side that a few people expected and deserves a chance to show what he can do. I would be worried that someone of his height would become an easy out ball and get a little too isolated, especially if Hodgson persists with 4-4-1-1.

The alternative is to pair Elm with Erik Nevland, who hasn’t appeared in the first team for a little while, and revert to a 4-4-2. That would mean finding a place for Zoltan Gera in midfield, which might be worthwhile as one of the wide players might be due a rest after their hard work last night, or leaving the Hungarian out altogether. It’s more a question of shape than personnel and it will be interesting to see what Roy decides to do.

UPDATE: Ed in the comments raises the very valid point of Stefano Okaka, who I initially neglected only because I feel Hodgson sees him as something of a work in progress – a late substitute who could fashion a chance against a tiring defence. Perhaps he’ll spring a surprise and play the Italian from the start.