Modern technology means even though we’re absolutely miles away, we miss out on none of the pre-match build up. Jacqui Oatley tweeted that she was on her way to Roy Hodgson’s press conference and invited me to send some questions over. I did, asking mainly about Fulham’s approach to the game and how we’d stop Shakhtar’s midfield.

This afternoon she’s come back with the answers from Roy:

RH: “Expecting onslaught from them but we’ll try to play same football as 1st leg and see how successful that is. Won’t play for draw.”

Four Four Two’s Russian football correspondent also noted that Shakhtar shirts were available for between £50 and £60 and, somewhat strangely, shorter-sleeved shirts were cheaper than longer ones. In a reply to me, he also says that there’s a ‘huge disparity in wealth in the former Soviet Union’:

Average wage in Moldova = £70p/m; shirts in Chi?in?u’s Debenhams = £45.