After my broadsides at lazy journalism recently, here’s a piece I can commend.

Fulham supporters have every right to feel optimistic, especially due to the fact that the club is playing European football this season. They will be hoping for the same next season. Considering they finished in an impressive seventh place last term, the question of second season syndrome was put to them. That has been answered with another campaign that has shown a lot promise, whilst Hodgson is bringing the best out of players that were under-achieving before. The key has been putting a team together that has a mixture of unheard of players or players who looked to be stalling with their careers.


All in all, Hodgson’s years abroad seem to have made him appreciate the demands of English football. He has shown that to the Fulham faithful because his team always tries to play the game with style. The fans may be worried that all the good work will come to an end, judging by Hodgson’s timeline for staying at one club, but it seems that at his age, 62, he will not be using Fulham as a stepping stone for pastures new. The chance to cement himself as one of the club’s great managers is there for him.