Nick W, who I met for a convivial pre-match pint last night, had a theory. Portsmouth would a game for battlers and we should get Jonathan Greening in there. He suggested at the expense of Chris Baird and I wasn’t sure – but I certainly wouldn’t have pitched him in ahead of Bjorn Helge Riise out wide. Shows what I know.

Greening started life as a winger/wide midfielder at Manchester United and, though he doesn’t have the blistering pace most managers deem a pre-requisite for a wide player these days, you can see why. He’s good with the ball at his feet and an excellent crosser.

In his own understated way, this was a good performance. He was always available for his team-mates and didn’t become disheartened by misplacing a few passes, arriving both outside Nicky Shorey in his more regular – at least for Fulham – central midfield role to provide an option.

by Guardian Chalkboards

And, of course, he took the vital goal very well indeed. Perhaps shaving off that beard had something to do with it …