It can’t be denied that Bobby Zamora was offside for the Jonathan Greening goal last night. Some will argue that Zamora didn’t touch the ball, which he didn’t. However, he effected the play by bringing Steve Finnan out of the gane for that single second that gave space for Greening to cooly slide the ball home for his first goal in a Fulham shirt.

But who cares?

Fulham have had a horrible set of misfortunes in terms of injuries and annoying little instances in matches that have greatly cost us. Yes, some of our preformances have been woeful but very few. In most of matches where we have lost we can argue that we have been unlucky. I said to my brother the other day that what Fulham needed was just a little bit of fortune like getting a penalty, a deflected goal or, as it happened last night- a dodgy decision that went our way. That goal could have easily have been ruled out on any other night.

But now that we have had our little piece of fortune, the performances should improve because the lads should have a bit of confidence back. Lets hope we have a strong performance on Saturday now!