Perhaps Steve Bruce was warming to his theme during his pre-match press conference or just being deliberately disingenious, but this comment strikes me as a little odd:

I think we reinvented Bobby Zamora when we played at Fulham. He made a mess of us down there, if I am honest, he was very, very good on the day.

No doubt Zamora was good against Sunderland. But most of the talk after that game was about his celebration rather than any England call-up. And it’s certainly untrue to suggest that Bobby’s only been in form since early-December. Let’s take a closer look:

30 July: Scores a long-ranger in Vetra to get our Europa League campaign off and running.

15 Aug: Gets a little fortunate with the winner against Portsmouth.

20 Aug: Looks awesome against Amkar Perm. Belts in a powerful goal to go with a top-notch display as the leader of the line.

19 Oct: Clincal from close range to end a barren run and set Fulham on their way against Hull.

22 Oct: Bullies Roma at the Cottage. Momentum swings back towards the Italians when he’s taken off early by Hodgson.

25 Oct: Misses a sitter at Man City. Much of the post-match hilarity obscures a selfless performance.

31 Oct: Plays a blinder against Liverpool. Rolls in the first, gives Jamie Carragher the run around and the Liverpool defender is sent off – long after he actually should have been having hauled Zamora down twice.

6 Dec: Scores winner against Sunderland.

Care to think again, Steve?