Timmy makes a decent point, with the aid of a couple of chalkboards, about how well the Fulham defence did today. That might sound a little odd given the game we just watched but think about it: Birmingham had a lot of the ball and a lot of time in our half, but didn’t really test Mark Schwarzer with too many shots. The visuals prove it.

He also puts forward Damien Duff as our MVP (‘Most Valuable Player’ for those of you not familiar with that particular Americanism) and makes a pretty compelling case:

Today did prove that we need to seriously consider Damien Duff as the team’s MVP. Why? Of his 6 league goals, four have come from when Fulham were losing. And all four have resulted in a combined 8 points. Here’s the breakdown:

Everton (81) tied 1-1
Manchester City (62) down 2-0
Bolton (75), down 1-0
Manchester United (75), up 2-0
Stoke City (61), down 3-0
Birmingham City (59), down 1-0

I’d still think Zamora’s got to up there for that honour but MVP’s obviously a different category to player of the season. It’s an interesting debate.