The Mail on Sunday says:

Arsenal are expected to make an £8million bid for Fulham centre-half Chris Smalling this week


Smalling is top of Wenger’s list of transfer targets and Arsenal are expected to move quickly to sign him, although if Fulham resist they will return to secure him this summer.

Just in case anyone’s forgotten Wenger paid big money for a centre half this summer and has just re-signed a 34-year-old centre back. Now let’s remind ourselves of what he said about Smalling only yesterday:

He is a player we know, yes, but there is no truth in it at the moment. Maybe in the future. At the moment is at the moment. I never rule anything out.

So, are the Mail seriously expecting us to believe Wenger woke up this morning and decided he was going to sign Smalling? The list of incorrect stories they run in a year would be enough to rebuild the Amazon several times over I fancy.