The Norwegian papers today are reporting the news about Erik Nevland’s new contract talks at Fulham which we brought to you yesterday.

Aftenposten reports that Roy is keen to offer Nevland an extension and the striker says he’s eager to sign. Hodgson is quoted as saying that the specific details of the detail will be worked out in discussions with Nevland’s agent soon. It looks likely to be a one-year extension. Hodgson’s certainly happy with how signing Nevland, who had been interesting former club Viking, has worked out.

Nevland has been fabulous, important and remains a valuable player four our squad. He has 100% lived up to our expectations when we picked up from Groningen. Not many players of his age our first choice strikers in the Premier League, but it’s great that it’s part of our time and can sometimes get on the pitch.

When Nevland scores goals like he did against Liverpool in October, and also during our fight against relegation in 2008, he is very popular.

I have the impression that Nevland is satisfied with the situation here. It is up to him what he chooses to do, but I will be very happy if he decides to stay here.

That outcome looks likely as Nevland says he’s happy at Fulham.

It [offering me a contract extension] shows that a do a lot right and that I have something to contribute. It is a vote of confidence.

It’s fantastic to be in the Premier League and not something you give up easily. I am positively inclined to stay here, but I don’t want to say too much until I see the offer and what it means.

I have a great desire to end my career at Viking. I don’t know how practical that is, but I still think I’ve got several good years ahead of me on the pitch.