Aaron Hughes says he’s not too worried by Fulham’s dramatic loss of form that has seen them drop into the bottom half.

That can happen in this league. You win four or five in a row and everyone’s jumping around saying it’s great, but you have to never lose sight of the fact that it can go the other way.

We know that and at the minute we are stuck and we just need a win to get things turned around again. I wouldn’t say we are overly worried about it. We will do what we can to try and get ourselves out of it.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to show a bit of character and a bit of strength and try and get out of it.

Sometimes you can maybe get away with missing one or two, shuffling the squad. But we’ve got Clint missing, AJ and the two full backs are out and Simon Davies has got another knock. It’s just the way it’s going at the minute.

We’re having that little spell where we just can’t get a win, but hopefully we can get the lads back soon and get going again. We are a bit disappointed with the goals we gave away. We kept going but didn’t get anything from the game and that sometimes happens