This story over at the Mirror – linking Bobby Zamora with a return to West Ham – seems to have raised a few heckles.

There’s nothing in the piece to suggest that it’s anything more than paper talk designed to fill out a page on the Sullivan-Gold takeover at Upton Park. The Hammers might be interested in buying a new forward, and some cover for the injured Carlton Cole could be valuable, but they would have to pay top dollar to sign him now, something only belatedly mentioned in the article.

Selling Zamora in this window would be a sure fire way for Fulham to recoup the money paid for him, something many of his detractors thought would never happen. But, whilst it might make economic sense, I can’t see Roy even contemplating it. Zamora’s our only real target forward and is clearly the first choice up front. He’s playing well and much of our attacking threat is based around his physicality. Not to mention he’s injured.