David Elm says making his Premier League debut at White Hart Lane was a dream come true. He looked useful, too. Here’s some Google-inspired translation from his blog:

In just one seconds left one of my childhood dreams came true. I got to play in the Premier League. And I had to quickly swallow the feeling that swept over me, I could not stand there and soak up the atmosphere, I was there to play. Enjoy, I do afterwards. But I know I would have been difficult to digest if my first impressions of the league would be bad, it is difficult to repair a first impression. But I’m pretty happy. Sure first touch was good, no big shots, while it is difficult to know how much it bang, how fast it really goes, and how well I would manage to keep up, but I think I did okay.Once I realized that it was not so bad, took well over five minutes, I could relax and just play. And believe it or not, but I actually enjoyed it tremendously by the time I was there. The feeling is very hard to describe. I just want more of it, experience it again, all the time.

As many times as I sat at home in Broakulla, or Kalmar, and watched the Premier League on TV – especially Boxing-day matches. I sat there and wondered what it would be, how much is different. And I had given up hope, I will never play there, I know, but the dream never quite went out. There has always been a little spark, a little light just waiting to grow. Yesterday it came on a great fire within me, there were only candles, a fire which would not only be right there. I enjoyed the pleasure. A dream that felt hopeless turned out to be anything but just that.

Sometimes I doubted about myself, worrying about how others view me as a footballer. I have heard different opinions, met with different reactions, but I’ve never had Sweden’s football experts behind experts behind me as Ras, for example. I think I quite often had to fight uphill, an effort had me extremely hard to prove, not just as someone who “lives” on the name. Sometimes I have thought about giving up. To stop completely. But I have a family who have supported in all weather and I am extremely grateful for that. For I had given up, I had never been to be part of this.

First thought yesterday when I came into the match was a bit special. I remember it very strongly. I was hoping that M, Dad and Mom watched the match, sharing the moment with me. Ridiculous? Sure. But very true.

It was not just sentimental. There was of course a charge too, a desire to show that you can do it, thinking those s**** now, they will see. All exaggerated respect which I might have received before long gone and I felt comfortable. Do not know if you could tell but then it felt good.

We of course lost the match 2-0. Not good at all. Four away defeats in a row now. Very important match at home against Aston Villa on Saturday.

Some very revealing thoughts. Elm’s clearly someone who has doubted himself, especially being thought of as the ‘lesser Elm brother,’ but there’s a real determination to prove himself. Encouraging that he – and the rest of the players – grasp the gravity of our results situation too.