Andy’s battled with a German computer and snowy temperatures to bring us his view of things from Basel. You learn a lot from the first few lines – who knew that the airport offered a choice between French and Swiss passport control?

His view of the game, too, is interesting. Even Bobby Zamora had a quick glance at the assistant to make sure he hadn’t been flagged again for offside before he celebrated the opening goal. Fulham fans back home would have shared Andy’s disbelief that the referee ‘helped Basel get back in the game’ (Hodgson’s words) and changed his mind to award a dodgy penalty. I didn’t know there was a Swedish Mark Halsey.

Away wins are rare at Fulham so it seems as though we save them for when they really matter. Reading, Manchester City and Portsmouth during the Great Escape. Bolton and Newcastle last year. And, Pompey on the opening day and in Basel, this time around. Rather like Oliver Twist, I share Andy’s conclusion about European football. Can I have some more please?