Regular commenter Mike H has had a poem about our very own Roy Hodgson published on the Football Poets website. I’d never seen that site before, it’s well worth a look. I hope make doesn’t mind but I’ve taken the liberty of posting the poem in all it’s glory, because it made me smile:

Roy Hodgson – The Very Model of a Modern Football Manager

I am the very model of a modern Football Manager
And since I’ve been in London I’ve become a Craven Cottager
I often speak in words obscure and even multi-syllable
” Inculcate” and “palpable” and “churlish” are quite typical
I’m very well acquainted, too, with football matters tactical
I understand formations, both the local and galactical
About the latest strategies I’m teeming with a lot o’ news
FIFA’s panel technical has often asked me for my views
I’m very good at motivating players others clubs eschew
Like Dickson Etuhu, Chris Baird, John Pantsil and one Aaron Hughes
In short as tactician, speaker, great thinker and encourager
I am the very model of a modern football manager.