Roy Hodgson after the game yesterday:

Maybe he reads too many of these blogs that people write in to. Our fans in the Hammersmith End actually constantly chant his name but these people who write into the club’s blogs, they’re the real experts and they want something that he’s not been able to give them – 30 goals a year. But he has been a key player for us.

Personally, I don’t think it’s our fault. We’ve been pretty fair with Zamora, all things considered. Nick W’s written one of the best defences of Bobby I’ve read. I’ve also pointed out that the stats do show Bobby’s more influential that his detractors think. There are plenty of other pieces where we’ve contested the conventional wisdom that Zamora’s not good enough for this level.

So if it isn’t us, who is Roy talking about? Rich has been pretty strong in his defence of Zamora – at times sparking fierce debate in the comments. And there aren’t all that many other blogs that have been around for all of this debate. I’ve never been to Cottage Corner myself, but Roy’s emphasis on ‘the club’s blog’ suggests that might be where the offending messages are.

To me, the reaction to this is far too overblown. Zamora played brilliantly yesterday and did his usual ‘angry man’ celebration. As long he keeps scoring, he can do whatever he wants afterwards for me. If he picks out a few of the idiots who continue to deride him, then maybe it’ll make them think again. And, and just to prove that bloggers and those who sing his name aren’t mutually exclusive, I was singing Bobby’s praises for much of Sunday afternoon.