In the comments a little earlier, Nick W noted that interviews with Bjorn Helge Riise on the offal tend to coincide with starts in the Europa League. There’s one up there today.

Whether that means he’ll replace Damien Duff in the starting line-up remains to be seen, but I’ve been impressed with the Norwegian since he joined. He’s got a great engine and is an excellent crosser of the ball. Let’s hope he can use those weapons to prolong Fulham’s interest in Europe.

It’s an important competition which we are taking very seriously. We have a big squad so for players like me who don’t play too much in the Premier League it’s perfect to have a competition like this to get some games.

If we get a good result, qualification is achievable. We know that we can beat Sofia and we know that we can beat Basel away – so if we do that we’re through.

For me this game is very important, also playing against teams like Roma and Basel is good for me to prove that I can play in the Premier League as well. I knew when I came here that there was a big squad with big players and that I had to be patient and fight for my place.

But I’m very confident in myself and I just have to take the opportunities I get. For me to get these opportunities in the Europa League is perfect.