I lack the time to linger today so there’s just a brief post on Bobby Zamora for now. This one looks to have been blown up out of all proportion. I hadn’t seen Zamora’s hamburger/stomach gesture until I caught up with the highlights last night so – as some of our commenters have pointed out – it looks like Bobby was responding to one supporter in particular.

Aaron Hughes has given Bobby his support as you might expect. And, to my mind, he deserves it:

He’s a big, massive part of our squad. When he’s not in the squad we miss him. Players come in and do other jobs but Bobby does it so well. He’s a vital part of our team.

I train against him every day, he’s a big, strong guy and you know if you’re going in for a 50-50, the chances are he’ll get the better of you because of his physical presence. Sometimes you have to be clever against players like that. It’s good for us in training because we get used to playing against someone like that. He’s up there with guys like Emile Heskey with his physical presence.

David Hynter has an excellent article for the Guardian on the Zamora situation. He seems to be pretty certain that it’s the offal messageboard that is the cause of Zamora’s angst. If that is the case, Bobby shouldn’t worry. He should just ignore it as unrepresentative of Fulham’s fans as most of us have done for years.

Read Rich’s new piece over at The Times where he lays out the reasons why most of the Fulham fans are with Zamora.