I’ve always had a lot of time for Mihir Bose. Smart, considered, and someone who could have made a good job of that BBC sports news correspondent’s role if only the Beeb had let him. The fact that he’s contributing to the Evening Standard, means the Sub has some decent articles in it, which is a dramatic improvement.

One such article is this one – his interview with Roy Hodgson, who describes meeting Mohamed Al-Fayed when Fulham were interviewing possible replacements for Lawrie Sanchez.

I was fully aware of the chairman’s reputation but I was quite taken by him. Mohamed Al Fayed wanted to know whether ‘You are going to have a good go at it or enjoy six months at our expense’. I told him I never wanted to do that.

Hodgson says he’s been reminded by MAF that the league’s the priority.

The chairman made it very clear: give it your best shot but for Christ’s sake don’t let it impact on the Premier League. I told the chairman I might jiggle about with the team, use different players, give a guy like Chris Smalling some games.

Of course we will work our balls off but, if it doesn’t work, it will not be like Liverpool, a crisis, everything has come to an end.

He tooks about the very different nature of the Premier League he returned to as opposed to the one he left when he was sacked by Blackburn Rovers in 1998.

Teams in the Premier League can no longer be accused of playing an English style of football. We are educating the crowd to appreciate good football. Some teams will pass the ball quite brilliantly with wonderful patterns like the Arsenal.

England’s mentioned and Hodgson says he’d consider it but that it remains a hypothetical question.

If the day ever came and I was asked, I would be very happy to accept. It is not an ambition, it is not a hope but in football you never know what is round the corner. My feeling is that the club wants me to stay and I don’t have ambitions to use Fulham as a stepping stone for elsewhere.