As ever, Rich has a fascinating take on yesterday – specifically Danny Murphy’s goal. My initial thought on seeing it live (albeit from way on high at the other end) was that Kuszczak should have saved it or, at least, got closer. I still think that but Murphy’s body shape, as Rich demonstrates, fools the goalkeeper into thinking that he’s going for the other corner. Masterful.

I think John Motson on commentary said that it was rare for Murphy to score a goal that isn’t a penalty these days. Bit harsh if you ask me. The skipper’s a fine player and yesterday disspelled the myth that we’re a better team without him (as some had suggested since our earlier unbeaten run coincided with his injury absence). There was one magnificent pass with the outside of his right foot to Konchesky that was just breathtaking.

Whilst we’re on MOTD, was it just me who noticed Alan Hansen identify Zoltan Gera as Clint Dempsey – twice? Hansen’s one of the more watchable pundits but this was a remarkable oversight for the Beeb’s top analyst. Even if he thought it was Gera, surely their preparation and run through ahead of broadcast would have seen the mistake come to light. Failing that, one of the backroom team doing the graphics might have noticed. Not a big thing, but something surprisingly nevertheless.