Good to see Danny Murphy back last night. Not so good to see him find the Putney End with an early penalty. Even the man himself was shocked.

It sounds blase, but I just assumed I’d score. That’s not the way I usually go about my penalties, so I’m a bit disappointed with myself.

It wasn’t pretty but the result was all that mattered. It gives us something to play for in the last game.

Turning his attentions to Sunday, Murphy knows Fulham will have to keep tabs on Sunderland’s Darren Bent.

If you switch off once with Darren, he’ll kill you. He’s a big factor in why Sunderland are where they are in the league.

I’ve played with Darren and I’m a big fan of his because the one thing he always does is get goals. You might not see him for 80 minutes in a game but he’ll keep running, he’ll keep working hard to get his chances, and he’ll put one away.

Sunderland also play with that Steve Bruce tenacity that was evident at Birmingham and Wigan. They’ve got a great work ethic and I’m expecting a difficult game.