Timmy lays out the potential scenarios and what they might mean for Fulham in terms of our quest to reach the next stage of the Europa League. He also offers up a genuinely new nugget of information – CSKA Sofia are nicknamed ‘The Pigs’.

What it all boils down to is that we can’t afford to get beaten by Roma tonight. Defeat would probably give us too much ground to make up in the last two games of the group phase. A win for Basel against Sofia, which has to be expected given that the Russians have this week suspended a whole host of players, would take the Swiss side even closer to qualification. That’s no surprise as, despite losing at the Cottage, Basel were the most impressive of the teams we’ve played so far.

The logical conclusion to draw from all that is that Marco Andreolli’s equaliser might have robbed us of serene progress into the knockout stages. I’ve another one for you, though. Given that everybody else seems set to wallop CSKA, how costly does our failure to beat them in opening game look now? Throw in the fact that our final game – in Basel – comes right before the visit of Manchester United and that the league schedule picks up right before Christmas and you wonder how good our chances are.

Timmy’s right, though. The fact that it can all go wrong in a matter of seconds – just ask the Spurs fans who were very content with their first half showing at Arsenal until a few minutes before the break – makes football so utterly compelling.