We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Roy Hodgson interviews today. The Sunday Times simply calls him world class. No Fulham fan – nor many neutrals – would argue with that.

He hints at the firefighting he had to do at the start of his tenure.

When I arrived, the major problem was the size of the squad, the fact so many people had been brought in and not given a chance, so we had political problems to solve. Now all the players have bought into my ethos. I made it clear straight away that the only way to resolve problems is on the field of play. Coaching’s not scribbling on a blackboard or talking, but out there [the training pitch].

He laughs at the fickle nature of the press, dismissing suggestions he is all but assured of coaching Great Britain at the London Olympics.

I’m flavour of the month, that’s all. I can think of a more suitable job.

There some brilliant lines. Like when the new FIFA rankings put Switzerland in third place:

We’d rather not tell you why, but Sepp Blatter would like you here’. I arrived and met Berti Vogts. He didn’t know why he’d been summoned either. We found they were announcing the new Fifa world ranking system, and it was Brazil 1, Germany 2, Switzerland 3. We were no more third in the world than I was a Chinaman.

And how the modern footballer should know that the number of cars in his garage counts for little.

Yes it’s nice to have a supermodel, a big house, a Ferrari and plenty of money, but at the end of the day, when that referee blows his whistle, you could have 15 Ferraris and none of it helps, not if you’re missing goal chances and being vilified.