Just spotted this interview with Roy Hodgson, which is a good read.

Q: Congratulations on your side’s win, you must have been delighted?

A: On occasions this season we have not always got the results that our performances have deserved. We were not at our best in the first half, but we married things together and in the end we were worthy winners.

I accept that Liverpool passed the ball around better than us in the first half but we showed great improvement despite losing two key players. I’d like to say the half-time subs were clever tactical changes by me but actually they were both injuries. It was a great win and you have to savour those moments.

Q: Much has been written about Liverpool in the Sunday papers, does it concern you that your team hasn’t been given the credit it deserves?

A: No not really, it’s just one of those things. We’re just happy that 25,000 people packed the stadium and gave us a great reception – we don’t need any more acclaim. Sometimes when you beat the top teams it’s more about them losing than you winning, that has always been the way.

Q: And generally it’s been a good start to the season for Fulham?

A: I’m very pleased how the season has started because at the beginning I was worried with the extra exertions of playing in Europe our squad might have started to become stretched.

The signs so far are good, but we can’t afford to be complacent. We are now getting to the stage in the season where the table is starting to take some shape.

Q: Striker Bobby Zamora appears to be in full confidence at the moment?

A: He has played very well this season I must say and in particular the last four or five games. He has really done the job that we want him to do.

Last season he did well for us but without perhaps scoring the goals that would have crowned his performances. And this year he’s carrying on in great vein in terms of his work-rate and the way he holds the ball up for us. But he’s also scored a few goals and that’s good for strikers because that is what their reputation is built on.