Despite all the money sloshing around the English game at the moment, Roy Hodgson says that Fulham’s recent success shows there’s no substitute for hard work.

The Whites were unbeaten throughout October and Hodgson picked up the Premier League’s manager of the month award after Fulham drew with Manchester City and beat Liverpool. Fulham will hope to bounce back from their Europa League defeat against Roma at Wigan tomorrow afternoon.

There’s no doubt that the Barclays Premier League is getting tougher and tougher to survive in. More and more money is being spent by the teams coming into the league and much more investment is being made than perhaps was done in the past.

The statement that you need to invest more is probably a true one but it’s nice to think that hard work and a good bunch of players who work hard for each other and the team are capable of surviving in the League.

Hodgson is focused on keeping his current side together.

We’ve got a good group of players here and it’s important to keep them together. I believe that if we can keep people fit the squad we have at the moment is capable of going through the season and doing what we would like to do with the season.

He’s expecting another tough test at Wigan.

They are a good team and I think Steve Bruce did a good job in organising them there. He left a good legacy and Roberto Martinez has continued the good work.

We’ll have to try and make sure that if they’re going to beat us they’re going to have to be pretty good on the day.