I attended the AGM of the Fulham Supporters’ Trust before the Bolton game and very interesting it was too. On a discussion instigated by Martin Plumb, of the excellent Ashwater Press books, there was the revealation that Fulham don’t keep an official directory of records dating back to the foundation of the club. Given Fulham’s rich heritage, that’s a crying shame. In fact, it’s almost criminal.

The current regime at Fulham seem to have a strange attitude towards the past. Having attempted a rebranding when we reached the Premier League, they continually refuse to stock the Ashwater Press books in the club premises at reasonable prices, something which makes this year very much make-or-break for Martin and Ken Coton, who was shamefully discarded by the club after years of service.

It isn’t just Fulham. They are part of a wider problem. Martin revealed that he’s been approached by two other Premier League clubs to write their histories, because they have no in-house set-up, and Sky’s insistence that football only started in 1992 grates, especially because it gains traction with the younger generation of fans. David Lacey’s excellent article is well worth reading on this problem.

You learn so much from the history of this sport – from personal asides to social history. It’s a shame the people running our game treat it with such disdain.