Alas I won’t be flying out to Rome this week to follow the boys in Europa League action. The possibility of there being a repeat of the trouble that has blighted previous meetings between Roma and other English sides wasn’t actually a factor me – I can’t actually afford it at the moment – but various Fulham messageboards have been discussing the Roma ultras since we began to focus on this game.

The Torygraph has an interesting story on the precautions being taken to ensure the safety of the Fulham fans who are making the trip. The paper says that 300 fans will be making the journey on the official club package but reckons we’re taking 2,000 supporters in total to the Stadio Olympico.

The story quotes a Fulham spokesperson too:

We have advised every fan buying a ticket through us, the only source, to meet at the pre-arranged meeting point from where they will be taken to the stadium. Rome police have organised the shuttle buses, and both the police and AS Roma have worked very closely with us and have incredibly helpful.