Interview with the Fulham chairman over at ESPN. It’s a good read.

The speculation over Roy Hodgson’s contract in the press is clearly bothering Al-Fayed. Apparently there aren’t any lines to read between.

I can’t stop speculation within the media about certain subjects that they enjoy trying to mischief make with. Roy is committed to Fulham, and I have shown my support of him throughout. I have invested in his squad and supported him in all playing decisions, proving that I have belief in his ability and his future here.Quite simply, we have not sat down and discussed a longer term strategy yet, nothing more sinister than that, but this for some reason has caused speculation in the press which I can’t control and do not appreciate. We have important matches to concentrate on, and when the time is right those conversations will of course take place.

He’s in favour of video technology too.

One area I have been championing for some time is the need for technology in games. The impact of split-second decisions in games can have far-reaching consequences for clubs and their loyal supporters, so there needs to be some level of protection against human error.

We cannot expect referees to produce faultless performances week-in, week-out. They are not robots. The pace, intensity and pressure of the modern game demands that support must be provided to our officials through the addition of technology.