Here’s Roy on the Fulham pre-match preview video. It was obviously recorded yesterday so that’s why he’s talking about tomorrow so much. Here’s a bit of what he says for those of you without audio at work, school or wherever.

I didn’t want to make that many changes tomorrow if I could help it. I think it would be good if one or two players, who have played international football, get a chance maybe not to play the full 90 minutes. That would be very good if we could sort of box it up that way. My intention is to put a very strong team out, as I expect Roma to do, and then possibly over the course of the game make one or two changes. I don’t expect the fans can expect to see a lot of changes as they did when we played Basel or when we played CSKA Sofia or when we played Manchester City away.

That sounds like it will be a largely first-choice side with a couple of changes. It’s anyone’s guess where they may be. Hodgson knows that Roma will be a real test though.

Very well organised – arguably the most organised Italian team I’ve seen for a long time. They play pretty much like an English team with the ability to pressurise the ball and shift across. It’s unusual to see a Serie A team play like that so I was very impressed. Of course, they have quality players as they are traditionally one of the top four teams in Italy.

It will be very interesting to see how Fulham cope tonight.