I missed Danny Murphy’s latest blog entry yesterday.

The Fulham captain talks about his happiness that the international break has drawn to a close and that the players can concentrate on a very important game against Hull on Monday night. He says it’s ‘too early’ to be considered a must-win game but acknowledge that the Fulham boys will be right up for it after Hull took six points off us last season.

The second part of the post deals with the issue of club ownership, which is in the news again after Carsten Yeung completed his takeover of Birmingham City. Murphy has some words of praise for our own chairman Mohamed Al-Fayed:

Our chairman, Mohamed Al-Fayed, gets fairly heavily involved in what we do at Fulham. He attends most home games and even training now and again, to see how everything is going. He is a great character and gets a lot of respect from his players. We are lucky to have him as an owner.

I don’t think I have been involved with a club being taken over. I have obviously seen it from afar, and seen the negative impact it can sometimes have on a club. Hopefully I won’t be involved in one in years to come. I strongly believe that greater stability in a club leads to greater success.