A bit more from Roy Hodgson on his future – and why he might be entinced back into international football after Fulham.

Some people get pigeon-holed as one or the other – he can only do this, he can only do that. I’ve been lucky enough to avoid being pigeon-holed and to have had a go at both, and I’ve enjoyed both. And I totally refuse to make a decision between which I think is best and which I prefer to do.

I think you take and look at each job on its merits, and, when it’s offered to you. And, if you decide it’s a job you want to do, you go there whole-heartedly and try to get as much out as you can.

To be honest, in the same vein as I’ve been talking about Sweden and Norway, it’s the same thing there, I’m quite happy with the contract I’ve got. It runs until next June, I’m happy getting on with it and we’ll see what happens.

The simple fact of the matter is when you sign a contract with a club you sign it to do the job, and you hope that you’re going to be allowed to do the job until the end of it at least. And then you’ll see what happens.