The idea of Fenway Park hosting a Fulham ‘home’ game popped into a few minds almost as soon as Fulham announced a marketing deal with the Fenway Sports Group.

It’s clear that the Fenway people like the idea as this is the second time president Sam Kennedy has brought it up in a media interview in two days.

It’s absolutely an idea at this stage. It might not even be a good idea.

Our mission is to explore all sorts of what we call ‘blue chip events’ in Fenway Park. It started back in 2003 with the Bruce Springsteen concert. We’re having outdoor hockey games with the NHL and Hockey East. The concept of an English Premier League game at Fenway is very, very exciting, and fits in line with our standard of events.I don’t know that they would be interested in doing it. We need to do some more homework and see if it would work.

The article goes on to tell us that the idea has been discussed with Fulham, which suggests they haven’t rejected it out of hand.