Forgive me for not noticing this sooner but Fulham’s most unexpected summer signing, the rather unheralded David Elm has a blog updating his readers on his adventures at Fulham. Since it is in Swedish, it has crept under the radar of most of us over here. Courtesy of a couple of summers with Nick in Stockholm, I’m quite proud of my rather poor Swedish but you’ll have to excuse me if my translation skills are below par.

Elm’s most recent entry deals with the fact that he’s finally found a house to live in and will be moving out of the hotel accomodation that Fulham had provided for him since he completed his transfer. Wednesday’s post brings news of an international week friendly against Northampton that seemingly hasn’t been covered anywhere else. Fulham apparently put out a fairly strong team including Toni Kallio, Chris Smalling, Andranik, Dickson Etuhu, Erik Nevland and Kallio and won 3-1. Elm says he was happy with his performance despite some understandle gaps in understanding with Nevland as the pair hadn’t played together before.

I’ll try and keep checking back to see what David’s saying. If any native Swede wants to provide a more authoritative summary of his posts, then please feel free to leave in the comments box.