Now for some better news on the injury front. Those of us arriving at the Cottage just before kick off on Monday were a little surprised to learn that Andy Johnson wasn’t part of the squad that took on Hull, especially as he hadn’t been included in the injury bulletins that preceeded the game.

He had picked up a groin problem in recent weeks – that might have been caused by playing him too quickly after he sustained that shoulder injury in the summer against Amkar Perm – and, although Roy Hodgson thinks Sunday’s game at Manchester City might come too soon, there’s every chance that the ex-Everton striker could be contention to face Liverpool on October 31st.

Andy’s problem was in the groin area where he had a serious strain that has kept him out of the last two or three matches. They’ve now localised the point and given him an injection. They think the injection will help enormously in speeding up the recovery process.

It’s a positive piece of news and I don’t think he’s that far away but I’d be very surprised if he’s even in consideration for Sunday’s game against Manchester City. Who knows, maybe the game after that he’ll have a chance.