There’s been a predictable reaction to our defeat on Saturday on the messageboards. Plenty of posters demanding Bobby Zamora’s head and questioning Roy’s patience in continuing to play him as the spearhead of our attack.

The press also seem to have latched onto the ‘only four goals in six games’ statistic. Not only does this ignore the hatful of chances we had against Arsenal but it also doesn’t consider how predatory we’ve been in Europe already this season. In only one of our five games have we fired blanks. Roy’s retaining confidence in his first choice front two as well.

It is a problem in the sense that to win games you have to score goals and, against Arsenal, once again we created the chances but didn’t score them. It’s not something that bothers me in the longer term because I know if we continue to play as we are playing, with the chances we are creating, we will score the goals.Maybe on another occasion two or even three of those very good chances we created would have been scored and therefore you’d be saying: ‘you scored as many goals in one game as you’ve scored all season.’

I’m really rather happy with the way Zamora and Johnson are playing together. If they can continue the next 30-odd games then they’ll create a lot of problems for other defences, perhaps defences a little bit weaker than the Arsenal’s.