There’s been a lot of attention on Bjorn Helge Riise of late after some comments he made to a Norwegian newspaper made the headlines over here. Sky Sports News were in the act this afternoon ramping the quotes up to a ridiculous degree – making out there were somehow ‘just in’ and then using them to preview the game against Everton on Sunday.

For his part, Riise insists that he’s been misunderstood and that his comments have been twisted by press hacks eager for a story.

I just want to say that I have never complained about a player in any of the clubs that I have played in. If I chose to promote my own advantages and my confidence, it is always interpreted as if I am talking negatively about my team-mates. That is wrong.

Riise has spoken to his Fulham teammates, especially Damien Duff, and his manager, Roy Hodgson, and that appears to be the end of the matter.

I have spoken to the manager and Damien Duff and everyone at Fulham. They told me it is cool, that this is nothing. (Roy) Hodgson told me not to lose any sleep because of this.

Riise’s version of events has been supported by his elder brother, John Arne, who sat in on the interview, which took place while the pair were on international duty with Norway.

He was misinterpreted and misunderstood, and it is written in a different manner than it was spoken. That’s the way they are. They can take something small and twist it into something big.