That’s the question posed by David James, who always strikes me as one of the more thinking footballers, in his column for The Observer today. As he’s merely a player, it’s one that he can’t really answer but it is clear that, unless Paul Hart is a miracle worker, it could be a season of struggle for Fulham’s opponents yesterday.

Still, James finds reasons to be optimistic:

We have reason to keep the faith. The worst case doomsday scenario that the media talked about has not happened. We’re still here, we haven’t gone into administration and we’ve started the new season with a 1-0 loss to Fulham. Having that opening game to focus on has been a real positive for the team and I know that looking forward to seeing the fans at Fratton Park and playing football has kept us all going this summer. Now we just want to keep going, play good football and put the memory of that damned word “administration” ever being mentioned in the same breath as our club very far behind us.