As the transfer window closes tomorrow, I thought that I would take a look at the players brought in and how the squad looks now. We have so far brought in 5 players in the form of a defender and 4 midfielders. No one can deny that our squad now has more depth than last year in the midfield area but other areas are still lacking. However, I am still really pleased with the players that have been brought in. In particular, Damien Duff. He has a lot of experience and is proven at Premier League and international level. He adds creativity to our side which is something that only Murphy and Dempsey could provide last year. Greening is also an experienced player who I think will be of a lot more worth than he showed on Sunday. Bjorn Helge Riise and KG are players who we know less about bout should provide good cover for the wide players and Etuhu. I have to say that the midfield does look good and I think Roy has been very successful.

Stephen Kelly has been added in the defence and should provide cover for Pantsil. We also have Chris Baird, Toni Kallio and Chris Smalling to cover the defence. Damien Duff can also play at left back if needed but obviously we would hope that we won’t have to resort to that! All together, the defence should be fine as well.

It’s the attack that I worry about. Obviously, Zamora and Johnson are both great players but at the minute they are both out injured and I don’t think that Kamara and Nevland will be as effective. We should have Zamora back soon but AJ will still be out for while. I think that we need more quality in our backup of our normal frontmen or ( I hate to say it) a possible replacement for Bobby Zamora. Marc Janko would be my favoured choice as his goal scoring record is excellant and he is the same type of player as Zamora. But we have to remember that he might find it more difficult in the Premier League. Perhaps, Roy thinks that £4m is too much for him. The next man in line is apparently Jan Novak. He is another player who has a good record in front of goal and I am sure would be welcomed in a Fulham shirt.

In conclusion, I think that another striker is needed but other than that it is just a matter of Roy transforming the newer players to into players who can play in the system that was so successful last year for Fulham Football Club. I’m excited despite our slightly stuttering start and I know that Roy is still the man!