Danny Murphy has insisted that manager Roy Hodgson deserves most of the credit for Fulham’s recent success and says he’s loving life at Craven Cottage.

The Fulham captain told the Sun:

When you have a manager you respect and one who knows his football it’s the two very best ingredients to get the best out of everyone. He treats players with respect whether you are in the team or not. That goes a long way and I can tell you that is not common throughout management.I thought I’d be at Liverpool my entire career and, although I left on a good note, manager Gerard Houllier was making changes and told me I was not going to be first choice.

I went to Tottenham because the chance of UEFA Champions League football was very realistic at the time but they failed on the last day at West Ham. Without that we had a big squad of talented international players and I didn’t play the games I wanted to.

Lots of big players, too many egos that were not being satisfied – and me being one of them. You can’t have too much discontent in any team.

My role has changed and I’m playing deeper. As you get older you become more aware how to look after yourself – but there’s life in the old dog yet.